Mass Effect: Rogue

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The activation of the crucible by Commander Shepard has become a storied legend with many rumors, though the exact nature of the story remains unclear. The official story, as told by Citadel forces is that Commander Shepard sacrificed herself in order to supplant the artificial intelligence that controlled the Reapers. Once in control Sheperd was able to free the synthetics that had become subordinated (such as the geth) before destroying the Reapers.

The destruction of the Reapers was not without cost, though. The mass relays were severely damaged, and it would take as much as 10 years for the majority to come back online. Only systems in Citadel space have nearly recovered. Secondly, the signal to rest control synthetic autonomy from the reapers had some side effects. Many Quarians or others with cyber implants have since been shown to show altered DNA, and a susceptibility to many electronic signals and waves. 

As for Shepard, she was never seen again. The Citadel was severely damage in the final confrontation, same as the relays. Some whisper that her spirit (or consciousness) still lives on, perhaps free to wander the relay network. Her compatriots and crew would scatter, no longer held together entirely by her leadership, though some would go on to continue to influence future events. 

In the decades after, the galaxy worked to pull itself together. For a time, all civilizations were bent toward the greater good. Many of the crucial relays were repaired first, opening channels to millions of refugees and survivors. What resources could be acquired where utilized. Yet, the scale of the damage was immeasurable, and the resolve not enough to hold the galaxy together forever. As resources fell, tensions rose, and old rivalries returned. 

Earth, Thessia, Sur’kesh, and Palevan were the highest priority planets, and have unsurprisingly recovered in most critical areas. Even there, the devastation on those planets was severe, and many of the outline regions in those planets still are recovering, and are expected to be in the process for another century at best. The Batarians, arguably hit worse than any other civilization, fell into chaos as their homeworld, Khar’shan, fell into disarray with insufficient resupply and aide. 

If the recovery of the citadel worlds was severe, than the colonies of the Attican traverse and Terminus system was even worse. The initial damage may not have been as severe, but their remoteness, and separation from the relays only served to erode their fragile systems beyond. Any colony that was not self sufficient was usually reduced to pre-space age standards of living, or worse. Regardless of development, many millions are expected to have died in the recovery, due to accident, injury, or miscellaneous conflict.

As the years of reconstruction rolled on, tensions among citadel forces and members began to show. Besides the Batarians, rogue elements of Turians, Humans, and Salarians that operated on an independent basis began to flex their muscle, and carve out independent domains. With most of the Citadel navy severely reduced in size, their ability to enforce citadel space law is hampered. The council has struggled to prioritize threats with the limited forces available, and members have begun to fray when forced to abandon assignments close to home in favor of Citadel requirements. 


The year is 2243, 57 years after the events of Mass effect 3. The crew is currently based out of Pharbat Station, an Alliance Dreadnought retrofitted into an orbital station in the Balor System. The human colony of Arvuna was relatively left alone by the reapers. However, the human colony was never had great relations with the Citadel or Systems Alliance. As such, they were able to leverage their new advantage, being a bastion of refugee for may systems in the Traverse, to set up some independent government in the cluster. With the 'purchase' of a soon to be  salvaged dreadnought for scrap, they were able to create Pharbat Station, and serve as a waystation for all manner of legitimate and illegitimate enterprises that operate in and around the Caleston Rift. 

Mass Effect: Rogue

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