Mass Effect: Rogue

Lost and Found

Episode 3

The TS crew, after nearly avoiding an STG hit squad, made their way to the lassus system near citadel/alliance border. After disabling and reversing a ploy by some desperate pirates, the crew recovered some strange reaper tech that they hoped to store for later, and arrived in the remote colony after a three week stint in space.

The lassus colony is an asari region setup to help house refugees from other destroyed colonies, and to investigate new resources available after a complete breakdown of normal mass relay protocols. Once, little more than a prison planet, the lassus system has been colonized by several dozen small reasearch and development communities. While under asari jurisdiction, a large conglomerate of citadel contractors have been brought in to shore up the labor force.

When the crew arrived, they proceeded to meet with their contact, Captain Jiilthia T’scalas. There, the crew was initially told of work needed in Echo sector regarding some pre-sentient insectoipod laboring animals that have been disrupting mining operations on the surface. However, before the job could be arrange, the captain gave the crew a side mission to look up a human contractor by the name of Ravira Ceranas. A lead recruiter and liaison of biotech company Centobak, Ravira apparently was on good enough report with Jillthia to warrant her a favor, and after her disappearance, the party accepted a job to locate her on the planet surface.

Once they landed, the crew seperated to dig up rumors and find the woman before their shuttle left. Haphazard but effective, the party tracked down one of her body guards engaged with a male prostitute while off shift, who dissembled at first and gave them false coordinates to Raviarias suspected location. Upon returning, they found the man gone. With evidence, they traced the body guard’s activities back to a local hab facility by the name of Robocycle Industries. There, with a quick break-in, the crew found evidence of a ploy to smuggle goods into the colony. With the underworld cleverness of Dromon, they tracked down the last known location of the shippment.

Detouring to investigate this strange substance, the crew found that the wierd jelly was infact a pseudofertilizer capable of sterilizing the food crop of the colony for up to a year, jeopardizing the support schedule and feasibility of the colony. As the captain put an APB out on all shipments of this poison, the crew tracked down the bodyguard partly responsible for the incursion, and hope to capture him before he escapes off planet.


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